Common Senses

A one of a kind performance of food, music, and art
curated and produced by Francesca Ferrara and Emma Ressel

Imagine for a moment a few of the neurons in your brain get their signals crossed. Your taste buds are now connected to your auditory cortex, and your ears to the gustatory. Now, what might a peppercorn sound like? Or what kind of flavor does a bowed vibraphone produce? Common Senses is an experiment in perception. Musicians, chefs and visual artists explore together the theme of temperature, and seek common language to translate their art forms and creative processes across media. Through collaboration, they have composed pieces that will take the audience from a sensory climate of cold to hot, through tasting, listening and watching.

The program includes:

- music composed by David Vess, performed by Neil BeckmannSam Zagnit, and Christian Howard
- music composed and performed by Michal Raymond Massoud and Idith Korman
- improvised performances by the NYC based ensemble, Amalgama 
- vegetarian bites by Lilja Walter and Idith Korman
- beer by The Bat & Bull Brewing 
- video art by Sam Miller
- photographs by Chris Freund 

Photos by Chris Freund. Video still by Sam Miller

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