The art world has a huge diversity problem. 

As a white person, I have had access to opportunities and spaces that may not be equally accessible to artists of color. The privileges I have, such as my whiteness and educational background, to name just two, have allowed me to participate in a system that excludes those who do not have the same privileges. In an attempt to step aside and elevate the voices and incredible work of artists of color, I have compiled an (incomplete) list of resources I hope you will explore. 

There are many excellent, more complete resources for beginning your anti-racism work all over the internet. This list focuses primarily on resources, readings, and artworks I am personally turning to as I investigate the presence of racism in the small corner of the art world I participate in. If you like my work, please take some time to explore the work that I like. 

Resources for Photographers and Beyond on Anti-racism

Research and Education:

Kerry James Marshall on the importance of diversity in museums. (Video)

A good starting place to find great art that confronts and challenges racism. (NY Times) 

Please buy art from Black-owned galleries! 

Arts non-profits to know and donate to: 

Black Art Futures Fund 

Tessera Collective (Philadelphia)

Indigo Arts Alliance (Maine)

New photo books by some of my favorite Black photographers: 

I Can Make You Feel Good by Tyler Mitchell

The New Black Vanguard: Photography Between Art and Fashion by Antwaun Sargent

Paul Mpagi Sepuya

Deana Lawson: An Aperture Monograph

Zanele Muholi: Somnyama Ngonyama, Hail the Dark Lioness

Remember the South by Frank Frances 

Emma Ressel News

- Upcoming Exhibition: Maggie Hunt, Emma Ressel, Jeanne Seronde Perkins, Susan Van Campen, Goody-B Wiseman at Artemis Gallery. Opens Thursday, July 9th, 10am-7pm. On view July 9 - 23. 

- I contributed a photograph to the Refinery 29 article "We Asked 8 Photographers To Document Their Go-To Pantry Staples." 

- New work I am making during the quarantine is featured on Tsuki Journal, a new online platform featuring the work of photographers and visual artists. 

- The second edition of my monograph Olives in the street is available! Order here.

Above photo from my new series Trouble in the Garden.

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